Lydia Larson



into photography unknowingly in high school, where I fell in love with portrait painting. I continued to pursue my love of painting by majoring in studio art in college. I focused on portraits because I have always been fascinated with the beauty that each person possesses and how uniquely perfect each and every person has been created by God. After having my first child, my time for painting came to a halt as I began to spend time capturing the precious moments of my son from behind a lens. That is when I know my transformation began, I was shifting from capturing moments on canvas, to capturing them with a camera. I was falling in love with the art of capturing that one moment in time and having it for a lifetime. My days are now spent not only capturing my own family but also the special moments of others and sharing my God given talent. My job and passion is to be able to share a story through photographs not only for you, but also for your loved ones so that you may look back on those moments, smile, laugh, and have your hearts filled with love as you relive that time in your life.