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Steph Reif



Writing about yourself is uber weird and little awkward. So I'm just gonna go ahead and throw out all the conventional "bio" stuff and jump right in! My name is Steph; born & raised in the Philly suburbs. During the very limited time that I'm not being a photog, you can find me playing keys and singing with my band or planning my next travel adventure. I met the love of my life while photographing his best friend's wedding back in October 2014 and the rest is history! 

Ways to my heart... puppies. cozy candles. target home decor. & mexican food.

Why Photography? I discovered my love of photography a little over 10 {ten!?!} years ago. It was while I was second-shooting for a friend in high-school that I decided photography was what I wanted pursue as my career. Majoring in photography at Antonelli Institute was more challenging than I had ever anticipated but was more than worth it when I look back. 

My focus is weddings mainly because well, I love L VE! I am and always will be a big sap...I cry at almost every wedding I photograph. You'd think after a few I'd get over it. Nope! Everyone's story is different and touches my heart in a different way & I enjoy so much being able to capture the most special moments & milestones in people's lives. 


Through my headphones: Sleeping At Last, Copeland, & Andrew Peterson

In my queue: NBC's This is Us {seriously. who's with me!?}