There is no better investment than investing in yourself. Learning all you can about how to be a better, more successful photographer is a step in the right direction. 

I have been mentoring photographers for 6 years and before that I was running the videography department at East Stroudsburg University with an amazing team of graduate assistants, work study students and interns. I have an Associate's Degree in Broadcast Journalism, A Bachelor's Degree in Cinematography and Photography and also a Master's Degree in Education.  I am also a United States Navy veteran.



Area focused mentoring means we spend our time (whether in person or online) focusing on 1 specific area of concern that you would like to address. These mentoring sessions include 60 minutes and can be split up into 2 separate 30 minute sessions if necessary. In-person mentoring sessions are customized to fit your needs. 

In Person $250 (Travel fee for outside 60 miles) / Online $100.


This 90 minute mentoring session is focused on your business. Chat online about a variety of topics including your business model, pricing structure, client relations, marketing, networking and developing goals to refine and build the business you are after.

Online Only $150


Do not let something as simple as design and a site’s ease of navigation be the thing that turns away potential clients. With this 30 minute mentoring session you’ll get a comprehensive analysis of your website. A thorough review of your website with your mentor will cover general aesthetic, branding and design, overall image presentation, informational content, along with navigation and ease of use.  You’ll also get a formal write up in PDF format with my notes and recommendations.

Online $50


With this 30 minute mentoring session you’ll get an honest and detailed analysis of your portfolio. Includes a thorough review and critique of either a gallery of images on your website or another specific online gallery that you would like to discuss.  We’ll cover general aesthetic, composition, lighting, quality, content, and posing.

Online $100


Let’s talk about it all. Let’s plan your development and build your portfolio, let's make it happen. These sessions are online only and include up to 5 hours of mentoring. Typically split up into (5) 1 Hour sessions. 

Online $500


Still looking for an editing style to fit your creative eye? Watch your mentor edit from start to finish using their own sought after post processing techniques. All post processing sessions include a 60 minute session that will be recorded and available for download for the attendee. I take you through my editing process step by step. I teach you how I edit images from start to finish so that you can also create beautiful custom imagery.

EXTRAS - All mentoring sessions include take away items for the student including PDFs with details, compiled notes and an outline of the subjects discussed.

HOW TO BOOK - Upon checking out for your session, a pre-session questionnaire will be required in order to determine the direction of your session. A consultation via email or phone will be arranged so that any needed correspondence can be provided.